Tuesday, December 22, 2009

taxi drivers insurance premiums hit by snow in the UK

Snow and heavy weather has hit the UK in many places. In the south east of england there has been sever weather conditions especially on Monday 21st of Decemeber. Some people have been stuck in traffic jams and chaos on the roads has caused traffic queues in some parts of the UK. So where does this leave the taxi drivers in the UK and their insurance premiums? Basically, the more worse the weather is, then the more chance of having an accident on the road. If a taxi driver has an accident, it means he will have to make a claim on his or her insurance policy and therefore the next year the taxi premium may go up. Not only for the one individual but taxi premiums in the whole area may go up due to too many claims. Therefore it is compulsory drivers drive carefully in the snow. If you are a driver with third party only taxi insurance, advice is basically to make sure you do not hit into anything as you will have to fork out for repairs yourself. Regardless of the type of insurance you have it is always adviseable for taxi drivers not to drive their taxis when its snowing and live to drive another day. Taxi insurance is not cheap in todays market, but to save the hassle for taxis and drivers, it is best to avoid driving in risky conditions. All it takes is a bit of skidding or even somebody else driving too fast in the snow to cause an accident on the road. Black ice and heavy snow has a big effect on the roads. Cheap taxi insurance and cheap car insurance in the UK always advise to drive carefully in any type of weather conditions.


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