Monday, September 29, 2008

taxi insurance in the uk - cheap taxi insurance premiums

There are thousands of taxi drivers in the uk today.
Taxi insurance does not come cheap. Premiums usually start from around 1000 pounds per year. Some drivers pay up to 4000 thousands per year for taxi insurance.
That is why this taxi insurance blog has been setup to help taxi drivers get the best deals in todays taxi insurance market.
Taxi insurance can mean private hire taxi insurance or it can mean black taxi cab hackney carriage insurance. It more or less covers the same aspect. In this blog we will list the cheapest and the dearest taxi insurance companies in the uk. You may have noticed taxi insurance companies do not sell directly to the public. They usually have brokers who are intermediares and sell on their insurance service on a localised scale. A broker is usually a middleman but in certain aspects it can be a good thing to have a broker as he/she can search the whole insurance market with you and ensure you are getting the best deal available.
But be careful with some taxi insurance brokers. They may want to sell you the highest paying policy just to have a higher commission rate for themselves.
Taxi insurance can provide the best deals and impartial advice in the uk for taxi insurance.