Wednesday, January 27, 2010

fleet taxi insurance - taxi company quote, multiple taxi quote

Fleet taxi insurance is available in the taxi market of insurance today. Fleet means basically a fleet of cars or taxis. A fleet is usually referred to as more than 1 car. Basically if you are running a taxi business or you rent taxis or private hire vehicles to drivers, then you may need a fleet taxi insurance quote. Fleet insurance is usually one policy for as many cars you have in your fleet. It may even be cheaper insuring a fleet as if you buy a bulk insurance policy, just like anything it may be cheaper altogether. Fleet insurance on taxis is common as a lot of minicab and taxi companies usually have a fleet of cars Fleets start from as little as 2 cars to 500 cars. Cheap car and taxi insurance brokers can offer competitive prices for taxi fleets. Fleet taxi policy in the UK, taxis insurance, cab insurance and mutiple vehicle and driver policies. Some people would like their policy fleet to cover any driver over 18 or even any driver over 25. When an insurer sees that you are giving good business, they can usually tailor the policy to meet your needs. Fleet taxi insurance, give it a try.