Thursday, September 23, 2010

swinton taxi insurance - cab minicab private hire cab insurance UK London wide

Swinton offer private hire taxi insurance in the UK. They will compare leading UK insurers to help you find the best insurance deal in the UK. Swinton are one of the largest taxi insurance brokers in the UK.
Private Hire Insurance
It’s easier being a private hire driver. You take the call or your radio crackles into life and you’re on your way. Right?
Because like many other professional drivers you’re on the road for anything up to 70 hours a week, in your own car and, more often that not, with nothing but your head rest between you and the passenger.
At Swinton Taxi Division we know and appreciate all of this. That’s why we search to find you cheap private hire taxi insurance that’s right for you.
Here are some of the benefits:
We compare taxi insurance from the UK’s top specialist taxi insurers to get you our cheapest and best possible private hire taxi insurance deal.
Choose from three levels of cover: comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only.
Discounts available with private car no claims discount.
Discounts available for previous fleet experience.
Flexible payment options available with 3, 6 and 12-month policies.
New badge holders covered.
Immediate cover.
24-hour UK-based taxi claims service.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

cheapest ever taxi insurance quote policy premiums in the UK.

Nearly all the time, some taxi driver in the UK asks "how do i get a cheap taxi insurance policy and who sells the cheapest taxi insurance." This is a common question from most taxi drivers, but however there is no correct answer to this. A taxi policy is based upon personal factors such as driving history, claims record, licensing council, age etc. For example a taxi driver in south london may oay more for his taxi insurance policy than a taxi driver in north london. This could be due to the postcode and the risk factors. Nonetheless, for all those taxi companies and brokers who think they can provide the cheapest taxi insurance premiums, then please drop a line and reply to this blog and the drivers will come running to you to buy the taxi policies.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

taxi insurance taxi insurers opt out of taxi insurance market uk london taxi insurance premiums soar

Below is a recent article we have seen on one of the taxi forums with regards to taxi insurance premiums. It seems that a lot of insurers for taxis have pulled out due to losses in the past years for taxi insurance, read it below or go to the website directly, the link is at the bottom.

Taxi drivers need to be made aware that a lot has happened over the past year within motor insurance, and in particular taxi insurance, which has lead to uncertainty and change within the taxi insance sector. Insurance premiums have started to increase and must increase further, so taxi drivers need to make provision for the impending increases. The main reasons for this happening include: (a) insurers have reduced their premiums to a suicidal level (to gain market share) during recent years (b) increased competition (new entrants, not having the experience in insuring taxis, getting it wrong!!) (c) the dramatic increase in claims costs (d) recent and ongoing poor investment returns (e) insurers running out of cash reserves (f) FSA solvency requirements and regulation (g) effects of the banking crisis (h) & the recession The above has resulted in a number of companies putting their taxi accounts into "run off" (not offering renewal terms). These include: Brit Chaucer Groupama HSBC Jubilee Link MMA Premier Quinn Zenith