Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Women taxi drivers insurance - where to get it?

Cheap taxi insurance in the UK is not the easiest item to find when searching for insurance in the United Kingdom. Taxi insurance as a whole is much dearer than normal car insurance. However, there are women taxi drivers in the UK. In many towns you will see women taxi drivers and male taxi drivers. But a lot of women do drive taxis as it is a flexible job and they can do the hours that suit them. Women's taxi insurance is always going to be based on the same elgibility as a male driver, however, there may be cheaper taxi companies in the UK, than other taxi insurance companies in the UK. Always shop around to see where the best women taxi insurance companies are so you get a good deal as a woman taxi driver.

Cheap car and taxi insurance for women in the UK, always make sure you find the best deal for your women taxi insurance incase you end up paying over the odds. Remember with taxi insurance, all persons circumstances are different therefore always submit all your details and provide the best up to date information, so your insurer or taxi insurance broker can get you the best deal for your cab insurance.

taxi drivers insurance premiums hit by snow in the UK

Snow and heavy weather has hit the UK in many places. In the south east of england there has been sever weather conditions especially on Monday 21st of Decemeber. Some people have been stuck in traffic jams and chaos on the roads has caused traffic queues in some parts of the UK. So where does this leave the taxi drivers in the UK and their insurance premiums? Basically, the more worse the weather is, then the more chance of having an accident on the road. If a taxi driver has an accident, it means he will have to make a claim on his or her insurance policy and therefore the next year the taxi premium may go up. Not only for the one individual but taxi premiums in the whole area may go up due to too many claims. Therefore it is compulsory drivers drive carefully in the snow. If you are a driver with third party only taxi insurance, advice is basically to make sure you do not hit into anything as you will have to fork out for repairs yourself. Regardless of the type of insurance you have it is always adviseable for taxi drivers not to drive their taxis when its snowing and live to drive another day. Taxi insurance is not cheap in todays market, but to save the hassle for taxis and drivers, it is best to avoid driving in risky conditions. All it takes is a bit of skidding or even somebody else driving too fast in the snow to cause an accident on the road. Black ice and heavy snow has a big effect on the roads. Cheap taxi insurance and cheap car insurance in the UK always advise to drive carefully in any type of weather conditions.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

taxi insurance - difference between taxis and private hire insurance

Taxi insurance is a very broad market. Most drivers and even customers are not even aware of the difference between a taxi and a private hire vehicle. Most insurers will set up a policy for a private hire driver and provide hire and reward taxi insurance. For taxis such as hackney carriages, the policy would however more or less be the same, but with a bit of a difference. Hackney carriages are allowed to pick up fares from the street without a booking, whereas private hire vehicles will have to be booked through an operator for a booking to be accepted and the insurance to be valid. Most councils are aware of this in the UK, however the word "touting" is very common in the UK in many towns as private hire drivers try to pick up fares without a prior booking which is by law illegal. It happens everywhere in the country, and council officials are getting tighter on this as it is affecting the business of hackney carriage drivers, so called black cab drivers in the UK. Due to touting in the streets by private hire drivers, customers are taking private hire vehicles without knowing that they are not insured unless they make a booking through the private hire operator. Always use a licensed taxi wherever you are. If you are in the street you should always use a licensed black cab if you woud like to hail a taxi, but always book through the office if you want a private hire vehicle.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

most common taxi cars for taxi private hire drivers

There are so many taxi drivers in the UK. There are private hire drivers and black cab drivers in the UK. Many councils have different policies in the UK, and they will allow certain hackney carriage drivers to have saloon cars as oppose to just black hackney carriages. All but most private hire drivers are allowed to have a vehicle which is a saloon which they can plate with their council. The most common cars taxi drivers use for taxi driving are usually japanese cars such as toyota avensis, honda accords, toyota corollas. In additon they also use german cars such as Volkswagen Passat, skoda octavia and many other cars. Even now, the Vauxhall cars seem to be very reliable and a lot of people are using Vauxhall Astra, vectra and many other vauxhall models such as vauxhall zafira, for their taxi business. With the new diesel engines in the market, most new cars are very reliable, and with computer technology it is easy to diagnose problems with these cars. A lot of cars are reliable in todays market due to the new technology and improvement in car technology. Taxi drivers tend to go for a diesel car as it saves them from fuel costs and is a more profitable measure.

With regards to taxi insurance and which car is cheaper to insure for use as a taxi. Most taxi insurance companies tend to use the postcode of the operating area to establish a price for the insurance policy. Postcode is very important as this shows the elements of risks in the area. More over it also depends on the age of the driver, the driver experience in the taxi trade and also many other factors. Taxi insurance rates have increased in the past year mainly due to the recession and many other contributing factors. Therefore when looking for the best car to choose for a taxi, it is always best to look at reviews such as Parkers and other internet reviews to see which cars have the best fuel economy and reliability. Cheap taxi insurance is not always the based upon the car in the taxi insurance industry, however it is based moreover on the driver and area of operation.

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