Monday, October 27, 2008

advertising opportunity for taxi insurance companies and taxi brokers

Advertising opportunity for taxi insurance companies and taxi brokers not to be missed!

Cheapcartaxi insurance is offering all uk brokers and insurers an opportunity to advertising their banners and links on their website. comes up very high on google and other search engines for various taxi insurance terms and car insurance terms and attracting a lot of traffic on a daily basis. The internet is a very competitive market and it is costing insurance brokers and companies a large amount for pay per click. The average amount for pay per click is £10 per click for taxi insurance. However, we are offering you an alternative way to get traffic and leads for taxi insurance through our websites.

Pricing for advertising taxi insurance websites on our website

We are offering the first company who approaches us to place banner ads and text link adverts on every single page of website. We will dedicate our whole website to the company and will add banners, texts, emails and whatever you prefer on our website and dedicate it solely to your business. We will only allow one company to advertise on our website. This is an opportunity not to be missed. By advertising on our website you will get high quality taxi insurance leads and people looking for all types of commerical taxi insurance. Our taxi blog is highly listed and advertised and a key to your marketing campaign.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

any driver taxi insurance over the age of 25 and over the age of 18

Any driver taxi insurance in todays taxis insurance market is very hard to get hold off as oppose to a few years ago. Say 5 years ago, any driver over 18 taxi insurance was possible to get where any driver over the age of 18 would be able to drive the private hire or black cab taxi relevant to the borough regulation. With the price of claims going high and the price of insurance increasing these policies are hard to get hold of now. However any driver over 25 is still easy to get hold off as long as you got a fleet or good no claims bonus. Some drivers are already complaining about the price of insurance and how it is affecting them with their incomes.
If you do want a cheap quote on any driver taxi insurance cheap car taxi insurance can put you in touch with brokers and insurers that do this.

Please visit:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

taxi cab insurance- list of uk taxi insurers - cheap premiums

Here you will a list of the cheap taxi insurance companies listed high up on google. Never go for the company that has the most advertising. Always look for the cheapest premiums by comparing quotes from the different companies. Low cost taxi insurance and cheap taxi insurance is based upon your experience, age and driving history. There are only a number of limited taxi insurers in the UK.
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Experienced Taxi Driver? Cheaper taxi insurance for drivers with at least one year no claims
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Monday, October 20, 2008

cheap taxi insurance - third party taxi insurance

Is there anything such as cheap taxi insurance in the uk?

Most people will say no as it all depends on your individual circumstances. However some people will say it depends on your no claims bonus. We say its neither. It depends on how much access your broker has to large insurance companies and what deals they have on offer. But having maximum no claims discount does help with taxi insurance today. But if you do not have no claims discounts then what do you do?

Did you know there is a lot of difference with third party taxi insurance and fully comprehensive insurance in the taxi market? Always try to getting fully comprehensive taxi insurance as it is better as taxi driving is your livelihood.

Cheap Taxi Insurance for UK taxi drivers, minicab insurance and private hire.

taxi insurance in the uk

Taxi insurance in the uk. Taxi insurance is a complex area. There are thousands of taxi drivers in the uk who each year take out a taxi insurance policy. Taxi insurance covers public liability and customers and the driver who is driving his/ her taxi.
Taxi Insurance: Insurance for taxis, hackney carriage & private hire

Taxi drivers are split into two parts. Private hire drivers and hackney carriage drivers in the uk. It is the same concept of picking up fares but differ on how and where they pick up the fares from.

The basic difference between hackney carriages and private hire is that hackney carriages are permitted to work from the various ranks in the uk and can be hailed on the street. Private hire vehicles are only available by prior booking through a private hire office and are not allowed to be hailed in the street.